Welcome to the COMPASS Navigation Help Screen

This computer-based simulation-style competency assessment has some features which may be unfamiliar to you. Here are some hints to help you navigate the system. Once you’ve read through these hints, please proceed to the Practice Tutorial. The Practice Tutorial helps you use your navigation skills before beginning the Entry-to-Practice Competency Assessment.

When you begin your simulation-style assessment, you will see a screen that looks like this. We’ve labelled the different parts of the screen and described what each part does.

Exam Interface




Navigation Bar



  • Bookmark (the star on the navigation bar. This feature is disabled for this assessment.)
  • Notes Window (the clipboard on the navigation bar)
  • Timer (the timer button that looks like a clock face on the top navigation bar)
  • View Section List (numbered blue boxes immediately below the navigation bar)

Assessment Content

  • Scenario Window (the brief paragraph that precedes the options)
  • Selecting Options (the circles to the left of the options in each section of each simulation)
  • Moving to next section (the button at the bottom left of your screen)
  • Using the Mouse (all mouse clicks are left clicks)
  • Submitting a Simulation (button on far right side of navigation bar)


SCENARIO WINDOW – This window appears across the top of the screen immediately below the navigation bar. Each simulation begins with a paragraph that provides preliminary information. The sections of each simulation also contain a preliminary paragraph that briefly updates you about the current situation. Each section window also provides specific instructions about the number of responses to select.

OPTIONS WINDOW – This window appears in the centre of the screen and contains all the options (choices) from which to choose in the current section of the simulation.

Click PRACTICE below to proceed to the practice test.

VIEW SECTION LIST – The numbered boxes are history windows. The numbers reflect each section of the simulation that you have already completed. The blue boxes appear as part of a navigation bar at the top of your screen. When you click any blue box, a window displays the options you have chosen in that section and the results from each option selected. Clicking each numbered box in order will display the text from all previous sections as well as the options you have chosen with the option results. You cannot change any of your responses from previous sections.

SELECTING OPTIONS – Once you have read the scenario for the section of the simulation and have determined which option(s) are appropriate in the current situation, use the mouse to click the square or the circle to the left of the option to choose it. A checkmark or black dot will appear when an option is selected. If a checkmark or black dot does not appear, you have NOT selected the option. ONCE YOU SELECT AN OPTION, THERE IS NO WAY TO CHANGE YOUR MIND AND “UNSELECT” THE OPTION.

GO TO NEXT SECTION – In sections where you are instructed to ‘SELECT AS MANY” as you consider indicated you may choose as many options as you decide are appropriate to the situation. You must then click the “Go To Next Section” button at the lower left part of the screen to continue to the next section. In sections where you are instructed to “CHOOSE ONLY ONE” you should carefully review each option and then choose the one best response. A dialogue box will then appear to inform you to proceed to the next section.

NOTEPAD – a notepad button that shows a piece of paper appears at the top of the screen on the navigation bar; this button links to a window that allows you type notes as you proceed through the assessment. When you click the notepad button, a window appears to the right of your screen. Type in this window to record any ideas or thoughts. To hide the notes window, click the notepad icon a second time.

TIMING YOUR TEST – a TIMER button that looks like a clock face appears at the top of the screen on the navigation bar; this displays the time remaining in the test period. You may click the TIMER button to hide or display the time remaining for your test at any time during your test.

USING THE MOUSE – The simulation software requires you to use the mouse to select responses and proceed through the test.

The SUBMIT SIMULATION button allows you to confirm that you have ended a simulation. When you click SUBMIT SIMULATION, you will be taken to the next simulation. Once you finish the final simulation on the assessment, you will then be taken to a survey page which you must complete.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you choose to skip a simulation by not selecting any responses to any sections, you will NOT be able to return to this simulation. If you choose to skip a section of a simulation, by not selecting any responses in the section window, you will NOT be able to return to that section to insert a response. Your score on that simulation will be based on selections you made up to the point at which you chose to skip.